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The svgtojs tool requires javascript, naturally. Please enable it to run this website.
We've made sure the UI uses as little javascript as possible to function.
There are no net requests made after loading this site. What you download the first time round (html+css+js) is what you get, and nothing more.
svgtojs - What is it?
The svgtojs tool is a program which converts conventional svg images into a set of drawing commands for the HTML5 Canvas API. These commands are output to text, such that a file can store and recall the canvas representation of the svg file it was made from. This is especially useful for graphics libraries which can't use svg images, such as three.js, or for sending bitmap versions of svgs for very small file cost, often as little as 1.2x the original svg files. Refer to the project page for more information.

Copy-Paste Tool
Use the Copy-Paste Tool if you are new to this tool and have never used it before. The UI will be able to introduce the concepts needed to understand the input, outputs, and options related to this tool.

Batch Tool
The batch tool can operate the same way on multiple files quickly, making it useful to experienced users with larger needs.

To see the full project page with ongoing, unreleased developments, go to dylan-thinnes/svgtojs.
To see the source for the latest release which composes this website, go to svgtojs/
Copy-Paste Tool
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Batch Tool
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